5 Things Visitors Do Not Dare To Do When Firstly Arriving In Ha Noi

Some simple things in life of local people such as passing road, eating duck eggs or wandering sidewalk shops are difficulty of Western tourists.

Natural Differences in culture, the Western tourists are often extremely curious and enjoy exploring the life of Ha Noi people. They love to watch the hustle line with hordes of vehicles on the street every day, wanting to taste traditional dishes, visiting the museum and going to the places where only native persons know. However, visitors have arrived in Ha Noi for the first time, the differences of culture become barrier making them much feared. Below is some things that most Western travelers are always very careful when firstly visit the capital.

Passing roads.

Ha Noi is famous for the small roads and heavy traffic jam every day. At the peak, the car flow covered almost every corner of the capital. This is also an obsession with many Western visitors to the city for the first time.

Steping on the road, you can easily come across the situation of the tourist group hesitating in crossroad, tensely looking traffic- light signals to change. Then, they will walk carefully, not forgetting to look at all sides and sometimes just want rushed immediately to the opposite sidewalk. If you must pass the road alone, Western tourists often take more time to wait, try to find at least quiet  moment or natives accompany topass.

Ride motorbike on road

They were used to driving a car and public transport in the homeland, Western visitors to Ha Noi for the first time often are very curious about the tiny motobikes being able to threadthrough any corner. In addition to sitting behind, they also want to try to touch the steering wheel and ride once on the street, but fears about safety.

Many tourists and native persons are taught how to ride a motorcycle. However, after the lesson including kick-start, using gear, speed … and most of them just dare to wear a helmet and sat behind.

Eating duck eggs

Whether that is a familiar and nutritious dish, not any Western guests is confident to taste duck eggs. This dish is considered as nosh which can be eaten at any time of the day. Typically, eggs about 19-21 days were boiled for 5 minutes and then peeled,  eating the inside while still hot with laksa leaves, fresh ginger states only, spices.

The image of duck foetus often makes Western guests fear by feeling “guilty” and “creepy” when chewing with a crisp noise. However, most of them also share that if ignored the thought about “duck foetus” and the feeling when they chew, this is still a delicious dish. Besides, duck eggs are also popular  all the country and some regions having different ways to eat.

Eating dog meat and cat meat

Unlike Asian countries, the West almost never eat dog, cat meat and treat them as friends. Therefore, when arriving in Ha Noi, they can fear  before the invitations to eating dog, cat meat or visit the showroom of this dish. Only few of them accepted to taste, mostly of the popular adventure travelers, like new experiences. Apart from Ha Noi, this dish is also popular in HCMC and other provinces.

Enjoy street food

Before arriving in the capital, most tourists had known about the street food in Ha Noi like rice noodle, spring rolls, fried noodles, boiled snails … However, the food is sold on the pavement ,which make visitors worry about the safety of food hygiene. The biggest problem is difficult to identify the source of feed or how it was made. For more cautious, most of them would look at the form of shop, if they are bright and airy, they “risk” tasting.