All About Singapore Geography

It is a small place on the map, but do not be fooled by its size. This nation has much to offer to stimulate adrenaline in you. This fun-packed nation is located in the region of South Asia and lies between Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore covers an area of approximately 699 square kilometers and is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Singapore Strait separates Indonesia, and the Straits of Johor separating from Malaysia. The diamond-shaped island has a vast coastline of 193 km.

The topography of the nation consists of hills, valleys, sand and flat terrain. Bukit Timah is seen as the culmination of Singapore and is made up of igneous rocks and granite.

The north-west of the region is dominated by hills and valleys composed of sedimentary rocks, while the eastern region has characteristics of a flat terrain. No trace of natural lakes and rivers can be found in Singapore. Some artificial reservoirs and catchment areas of water are constructed to meet fresh water needs.

Singapore is the perfect destination for you if you find the sun and heat your best friends. If sunbathing, swimming or sailing gives you an image of an ideal vacation, then Singapore is the right place head to. Singapore, located north of the equator, has a tropical climate. The main features of the climate of Singapore are uniform temperature and pressure, humidity and rainfall. The location and the influence of the sea have a great impact on weather conditions in Singapore. The State receives an average annual rainfall of about 2370 mm. The eastern part of Singapore lies in the rain shadow region and, therefore, receives less precipitation than the west.

If you are not happy with the sun, do not worry as air conditioning is available in most stores, hotels, restaurants and other public places.

Singapore’s strategic position has helped it to become an important centre of commerce, communications and tourism. Its geographical location is 136.8 km north of the equator, between longitude 103 ° 38 ‘E and 104 degrees 06’ E.