Changi Airport Singapore

If you are staying at Grand Park City Hall Singapore then you will most likely be arriving from Changi Airport one of the worlds finest airports. Singapore Changi Airport is the main airport in Singapore and is basically the hub Of South East Asia being ranked 7th in the world in terms of passengers per year. So if you are stopping over for another outbound flight the airport is well equipped for you and these types of guests as stop over guests accounts for a large majority of people that visit the airport. But due to the nature of Singapore and small size it does make sense that you can leave the airport before your scheduled flight to take a look around the city or check into a wonderfull hotel like the Grand Park City Hall and get a few hours rest and recuperation before catching your next flight weather that would be in a a few hours or a few days.

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The Airport is one of the biggest in SEA and has over 100 airlines using the airport as a hub to over 100 countries and close to 300 cities throughout the world. Singapore is a great hub and stopover point for people heading from Europe to other parts of SEA or Australia and New Zealand hence the reason QANTAS making it one of its biggest airports. There are many other great carriers that will bring you here to Singapore including-

  • Tiger Airways
  • British Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Philippines Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Jet Star
  • China Air
  • Air New Zealand
  • SilkAir
  • Valuair

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Changi Airport Singapore

With 3 Passenger terminals, around 30,000 People employed at the airport and over 4 Billion in output and over 50 million passengers a year you can se it is a major contributor to Singapore and its economy which is the reason Bangkok was trying to become the so called “hub” of asia but missed out due to lack of infrastructure, quality and so many other reasons that made Singapore Airport the king of SEA. There is an expansion underway for the airport that should be ready in 2017 for a terminal 4 showing that passengers are still growing and more visitors are coming to Singapore either as a holiday destination or as a stopover to the rest of SEA.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Changi Airport Singapore

If you are staying overnight at the airport for a scheduled flight you may not have to leave at all. There are many great things to do and see in the airport as the airport is almost its own little city itself. There are connected hotels, there are huge amounts of places to eat and there are even free places to sleep if you are just in Singapore for a few hours. Some other great attractions include-


  1. Baggage Services
  2. Baby Care room
  3. Convenience stores
  4. Restaurants
  5. Free Movies
  6. Smoking Area
  7. Gardens
  8. Shops
  9. Phone charging stations
  10. Money Changer
  11. Tourist Info
  12. Medical Services
  13. Payer Room