New luxurious experience for customers in Indian Ocean

Loama Resort has established its new project on Maamigili, the splendid island in Indian Ocean. This resort company is well-known for bringing the Maldivian heritage into a barefoot luxurious construction.

This island has the natural shape of a raindrop. It used to be the vacation destination of ancient kings. This is one of the islands that can still keep its neglected beauty as the northernmost of the island is undiscovered. It is absolutely the place that travelers can feel secure and peaceful.

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Despite of having ebullient atmosphere like other resorts in Maldives, Loama Resort is distinctively quiet and private. Moreover, the stunning coral reefs and neglected beaches are still waiting for global travelers to discover.

Loama Resorts has create a really special features for its project, which let travelers step out of their ordinary luxurious life to wallow in the beauty of art, culture as well as heritage of an undiscovered island.

For ordinary tourists, Loama spa experience is truly impressive. It is an ideal combination of ancient healing secret with modern massage practice.

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Customers can enjoy the spa service in the Beach Villas or Ocean Villas. If they choose Beach Villas, they can enjoy the wonderful treatment while observing the beautiful view of Maldivian beaches. They are designed in modern Maldivian style. Or else, they can choose Ocean Villas, which has their floors made of glass.
Therefore, customers can enjoy the wonderful and primitive beauty under the sea. These kinds of villas often found in the middle of the sea, which are built firmly on poles.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Loama Resort
In this island, travelers also have a chance to enjoy the beauty of Maldivian Art in the local art gallery. It is also built over water, which offer travelers an opportunity to study the oceanic life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Loama Resort

Visiting this wonderful place, travelers also have a chance to discover up to six regional types of cuisine. They are all distinctive and delicious!