Sharing about the vacation in Myanmar

Hello everybody,

I have just spent my 12 wonderful days of vacation in Myanmar. It is not well-developed country. In fact, it is somewhat similar to Hanoi in the 1990s. It has the tropical weather, the food is rather hard to be enjoyed by everybody. However, you will definitely love this place because people here are so friendly and hospitable. In my opinion, the most magnificent places that you should visit when coming to this country is the mysterious Golden Rock, ancient city – Bagan, Mndaly as well as the splendid Inle Lake.

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I was arriving at Yangon in a sunny morning. I can clearly feel the unpleasant heat of the air. Not have enough time to discover this small city, I have to travel to another destination, Golden Rock. The first feeling I have when getting there is that the place is very poor with dust flying everywhere. It feels like I was sent back to my childhood in Vietnam, in the year from 1985 to 1990.

Golden Rock

Sharing about the vacation in Myanmar

This is such a place where I truly see my soul. One of the most wonderful moments in my life is definitely sitting deep in religious contemplation, feeling the Buddhist spirit through the sound of wind chimes, and the mumble of prayers. I woke up very soon in the morning to see the sunrise and feel the peace of this place through the echoes of prayers.


Bagan is the ancient capital city of Myanmar. It is the reason why there are several old temples scattering around this place. I once had a chance to get on the Shwesandaw temple.

Sharing about the vacation in Myanmar

At that time, I had imagined the scenery there centuries ago, when Myanmar was in its prosperous period. I felt the true peace when hearing the sound of the horses’ hooves clopping on the road, when enjoying the wonderful scenery of dawn at 5 A.M, or when enjoying the hallowed view of black temples in the twilight.


I also had wonderful time in Mandalay. Like other places in Myanmar – the country of golden temples, there are also plenty of old temples there. And I had a strange wonder, whether it is true that the country is fairly poor because all of their money have been used in building the temples.

Inle Lake

In Inle Lake, the most interesting activity is sitting on the boat that goes around to observe the splendid natural beauty. The most impressive thing to me about the trip to Inle Lake is definitely the generous smile of the young boatman. At first, I thought he was a bit older than me, or at least the same as my age. Surprisingly, he said he was only 19, which means 10 years younger than me. Maybe the hard life and poverty has made him get aged so fast.

Sharing about the vacation in Myanmar

The place was private from the whole busy working society out there, where you can absolutely relax. This is also the place where you can find Thanaka powder with unique drawings on your face.

The country has brought me so much emotion from indisposition to excitement. 12 days in Myanmar elapse so quickly. Although I have been back to my home country, I really hope that I will have another chance to come back to this poor but traditional country. If you have not visited Myanmar, I strongly recommended you should enjoy your time there, at least once in your lifetime.