the Story of pho thin part 1.

Speaking of pho, Hanoi has billions of pho restaurant. delicious Pho restaurant in Hanoi also many in the old quarter: Thắng Bo Ho Pho, Bat Dan pho, pho Sand, Pho Ca Cu … actually, the pho has a name on the Gypsy, every restaurant has their own secretive recipe. so on this post, we will visit one by one. the first to, it will be Pho Thin at 13 Lo Duc street. The reason is that makes this Pho restaurant chosen first because I read too many articles about this restaurant that actually talk about that story, and then the taste is not as good as before, then what is the main thing is that the smell of rice noodle look like what to eat? I do not see anyone say anything:.


Pho Lo Duc is commonly known as “rare beef noodle soup of lo duc”, because rare beef noodle soup is often serviced here. Eat here there are few things you must know:

  1. This restaurant just sell Hanoi beef noodle soup, so if anyone intends to eat chicken noodle soup, please immediately brick this out of  head, because if you go to call phở chicken will be looked very weirdly or even kick out of the restaurant
  2. to eat here you have to pay first, and the restaurant is very crowded, so if you come here with many friends you should prepare money first (25000d – 30000d /a bowl of Pho , depending on would you offer Breadsticks and egg or not) to avoi, the guests in the back of the ass. Also because of self-order, you have to order at the door of the shop, not waiting for service.
  3. this pho rent a house far from the first on two house so that guests can sit if the main one is full, so if you go into the shop and see it too crowed so you should not be discouraged to calm down and go to the next house to eat properly. …..