Where to visit in Myanmar?

Where to visit in Myanmar?
People may think that Myanmar is famous for the romantic architecture. They are just partly true. Myanmar is also the country for travelers to observe and discover the life of local manual people. Although their life is hard, they always show their beautiful smiles and hospitality.
Going travelling in Myanmar, you will have a chance to observe the nature while sitting on the boat floating in the rivers, enjoying the architectural beauty of ancient temples. Furthermore, it is also a place for you to wallow in the history, culture as well as cuisine. You will also see the true soul of Buddhism when coming to this ancient country.

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Yangon, Myanmar’s heart
Although Yangon is not the capital city of Myanmar anymore, it is still the largest city in this country of temples. There is no skyscrapers, no crowded shopping area in this city, Yangon is the place of various temples, shadowed parks, natural lakes, as well as some bars, cafes, colonial architectural constructions scattering all around the city.
Shwedagon Pagoda is definitely the tourist attraction you should visit when coming to Yangon. It is located in the most hallowed area, on a secluded hill. It will make you feel that you are visiting the private paradise. Here you can have a chance to visit a gold tower, on top of which is attached a number of gemstones.

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Sittwe, capital of Rakhine state
Rakhine state is the place of several magnificent landscapes where travelers can feel the sould of Indian mythology. This is the state near the west-end of the country.
Sittwe in Rakhine state is surely the place you should reach once in your life. Sittwe is located on one small island where several rivers pour into the Bengal Bay.

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Golden Rock – The hub of Buddhists
Golden Rock temple, which can also called Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, is the hub of pilgrims, monks as well as nuns from all over the world. The place is fairly well-known in the community of Buddhists.

Floating on the river at Mandalay
Mandalay is perfectly suitable for travelling, especially for those who go with their lifetime partners as the city will provide travelers romantic experience they will never forget. The most popular activity here is definitely enjoying the beautiful nature while floating on the river.
The cuisine here is worth to try. If you go with your lover, you should definitely set a splendid meal in the middle of 1500 banana trees. You two will have an unforgettable memory there.

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It is the capital of the ancient country – Burma, which had been collapse centuries ago. In this city, you can wallow in the magnificence of nature, or you can hire a bicycle to goes around in the sunny afternoon. The special thing that you should definitely try here is hot air balloons. This means of moving gives you better chance to observe the whole city from above.

Inle Lake
Inle Lake is the suitable terminal destination for your trip in Myanmar. This is the place of freshwater lakes linked with each other through the canal system of Nyangshwe. There are plenty of boats travelling on this renovated river.
Tourists trying this activity will have a chance to enjoy the great views of verdant mountains, small fishing villages, and so on.

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